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Halloween is not only witches and ghost; you can dress up as anything you want. If you are a spiritual person and true Christian, you can even choose to dress up as one of the Bible characters, or you can have your kids dressed up in one. This would not only be a creative idea, but would also help your children to get involved in a Sunday school program or lesson. These costumes are literally a wholesome alternative to regular scary Halloween costumes. Though, you can choose from many famous Bible characters, Moses are one of the famous and most well known characters from Holy Bible.

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Welcome to MosesCostume.Com, where we know that not everyone wants to dress like a scary critter for Halloween.  Moses is a legendary Bible hero – and he is an ideal choice for many folks who want to put a bit of Christianity into the Halloween season.  A Moses costume is also a great option for churches and other organizations that are looking to add Bible related costumes like this one to their inventory.  A Moses costume is perfect for various church plays and re-enactments, such as Moses leading the multitudes out of the dessert, or a re-enactment of Moses being given the Ten Commandments from God.  Whatever purpose you have for your Moses costume, we have options for you to consider.

The Moses costume is pretty much straightforward.  In Biblical times, they didn’t have a whole lot to work with, so much of the Moses costumes that you will find on the market are made with the simplest materials and feature just a sheath style robe that is worn by pulling it on over the head, and sometimes tied with a sash.  When Moses costume options are designed, they are based on what we know of dress at the time.  Men wore long robes, usually an inner robe of light color (the temperature was very hot in that part of the world at that time) and an outer robe, likely for modesty to avoid seeing through the inner lighter gown.  Moses, we are thought, like most men of his age, carried a staff, much like a shepherd’s hook.  It could be that we envision him like this because he was a shepherd to the flock of people that he led out of the desert.  Regardless, the addition of a staff to your Moses costume will add an air of authenticity.

When you are trying to authenticate the look of your Moses costume, keep in mind that the fashion of the day was a long bear and long hair.  You can recreate these for your own Moses costume with a wig and stick on beard.

Moses, as we know from the old testament of Bible, was a strong and adventurous character. He was well educated and had a strong sense of wrong and right. He was the one who was used by God to bring the Ten Commandments. And he was used to save and lead Israelites to the promise land. The Ten Plague was also included as part of his life story. The same of Moses popularity in bible, he has been popular during Halloween as well.

Though you can make a Moses costume at home, you can also buy it from many of the online stores. It will not only save you a lot of time, but you would also be able to dress up in authentic Moses costume. A typical Moses costume set would include a tunic, a robe and a tie cord. To have the most authentic Moses look, you may want to invest in buying additional accessories like a Moses wig and beard and a staff.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing a Moses Costume leaves you with endless expressive opportunities. Moses was a revered part of Biblical history and can be a great character to show up at the next costume party or to be seen strolling the neighborhood on Halloween night. You may choose a faux stone tablet inscribed with the Ten Commandments to make the look more authentic. A Bible would be a wonderful accessory for this look as would a large walking staff or other traditional cane. Like most Biblical characters, Moses is usually seen with long hair. You can choose a wig with tousled, long hair to complete the look. Adding a small cap to the wig will bring the entire look together.

Measuring for Your Costume

Even Biblical characters want to be comfortable! When ordering your Moses costume, be sure that you get the right size. After all, leading your people out of the desert requires comfort. Measure your hips, waist, and chest at their widest points and compare those measurements to the measurements listed on the product page. Remember, if you plan to wear clothing beneath your costume, you probably need to order ‘up’ a size bigger. Depending on the style of costume that you plan to purchase, you may also want to measure the length of the costume to make sure that it is long enough for your intended look.

If you are a Christian and grew up hearing Biblical stories, then the one biblical character that must have fascinated you a lot was that of Moses. Moses costumes are unlike the usually scary Halloween costumes and are a perfect choice to make you look different and stand apart. It will also be perfect for church plays. A simple tunic, a robe and a sash and accessories like a wig, beard and a staff are all you need to look like the man who led the Hebrews from Egypt. You can find Moses costumes to fit children and adults at very affordable rates.

Moses Costume

It is seem that a lot of people have to struggle with the idea of choosing a costume for them and their children for attending a Halloween party. An out of the ordinary idea would be to opt for a biblical costume this Halloween.

There are many different reasons to opt for Bible costumes. For one, it is an excellent learning tool to visually act out stories from Bible for children who go to Sunday school. And for adults, Moses costume can be a great choice as when everyone is trying to take the look of scary and evil creatures, your costume would bring a sense of peace to the Halloween ambience.

Though there are many biblical costumes to choose from, why not replay the historical event of Moses & the Burning Bush?

The description about Moses comes in Old Testament of the Bible, where he has been described as a strong as well as adventurous character. He grew up as an Egyptian prince and also received Egyptian education. At the age of 40, he left the royal comforts and went to live in a desert, where he lived for 40 years while working as a shepherd.

At eight years of age, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and asked him to go back to Egypt to free the Hebrew slaves.

While you may not know the entire Bible history, you can look like a legit priest with the proper shirt or a black robe.

You can buy Moses costumes at amazingly affordable prices in different sizes, for both adults and children. The costume set typically includes tunic, over tunic and a tie cord, whether for children or adults. To recreate the historical magic of God speaking to Moses through burning bush, you would also need to buy a wig of long flowing white hair (Moses was 80 at this time) and a white beard. Another important part of this costume would be a staff. A wimpy little stick might not be able to give that authentic Moses look with a staff; it should be strong and large.  Bible says that this staff was used by God as a sign to the Egyptians.

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